Karthik Ram

How to enable and sustain thriving Open Source Ecosystems (OSE)

Software impacts virtually all areas of research but has been a heavily undervalued contribution. Over the past decade alone, the research software landscape has changed dramatically. It is now substantially easier to start new software projects, find technical resources, and join a friendly community of practice. The research software engineer career track has also taken off and made it easier for many individuals to build careers in this field. However, several key challenges remain. Despite the growing recognition of research software, it is still challenging to demonstrate impact or find support for the maintenance of existing software. In this talk, I describe some ideas on how to uncover software that is driving research and construct knowledge graphs to ask questions about software use and sustainability. I also describe the various conditions necessary to turn nascent software projects into sustainable ecosystems.

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Cite as: Ram, Karthik. (2023, April 12). How to enable and sustain thriving Open Source Ecosystems (OSE). Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7822917