What hardware do you use?

I switched to a mac a decade ago and have never been happier. My regular laptop is a 2017 Macbook Pro. At home I also use a 2011 Macbook Air. I sometimes ssh between the two machines because I'm too lazy to walk over from the couch to my home office.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone X after many years with an old iPhone. I still love writing and carry my Pen Type B everywhere. Field Notes are an obsession of mine and I try to write down my ideas and thoughts as much as possible.

What software do you use?

I spend most of my day with iTerm 2 (solarized theme), Sublime Text 3, and Chrome.

For writing my favorite text editor is Folding Text. I also like ia Writer, but often just revert back to Sublime Text since I rely so heavily on Pandoc to get my work done.

For email I still enjoy using Gmail both for my personal email and work. Kiwi for Gmail is my desktop client, and oddly enough, Microsoft's Outlook is the best I've found for ios after Mailbox disappared.

Other tools that keep me sane

  • Bartender - The minimalist in me hates clutter. Including on my mac menu bar. Bartender entirely removes icons I don't use and hides others that I rarely need. Nothing more than my calendar and fuzzy clock are on there.
  • Fantastical 2 - Sane and pleasing calendering.
  • Kaleidoscope + Tower - To reign in some of the git madness.
  • Alfred + powerpack - Pretty much everything I do on my mac is automated via a Alfred workflow.
  • Clean My Mac - Regularly frees up a ton of space on my hard drive by removing temp files, caches, localizations I don't use and other accumulated cruft.
  • Sanebox - Sanebox aggressively filters my email and only leaves important ones in my inbox. Everything else is sorted into Sane News, Sane Bulk, or Sane Later. Email services that won't allow me to unsubscribe get banished to SaneBlackhole 👎. It's quite easy to train or re-train Sanebox.
  • 1Password 🤐 for individuals
  • Reeder (+ Feedbin) is my trusty RSS reader. RIP Google reader. 😵
  • Things app ☑ To sync my todos across all devices
  • Paprika 🍽 To grab recipes from most sites with a javascript bookmarklet, then sync to all my devices immediately.
  • Pinboard - has been my bookmark manager of choice for the past 6+ years and has a nice cache (~15 gigs)
  • I back up my HD to two bootable clones (one at work and one at home) on a semi regular basis using Carbon Copy Cloner.
  • For security while traveling (or just outside of familiar networks), I use hideipvpn.
  • Typinator - Everyone needs a decent text expander
  • I run a modified version of Tweetnest to maintain a searchable offsite cache of my tweets and conversation (try finding anything easily on Twitter 😢).

Ideal setup

I'm reasonably happy with my 2017 MB Pro (I hate the touch bar and lack of physical escape key though) and my LG 5k monitor. I'm not missing anything at the moment.